Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Newport Beach Yacht Charter Can I Wear A Strappy Sundress To A Wedding In June At A Yacht Club In Newport Beach? Too Casual?

Can I wear a strappy sundress to a wedding in June at a yacht club in newport Beach? Too casual? - newport beach yacht charter

absolutely! Why not be the best:) That sounds good --


kill_yr_... said...

If the garden party and ceremony, and summer dress is very elegant, but cautiously, with dress shoes and accessories that would work. If there is anything that could be used for a trip to the zoo or a barbecue, then it is probably too loose.

A simple test would be: "Is the dress still stupid when I entered the church wearing pearls, white gloves, stockings and pumps?" So if you think of a flower of cotton above the knee dress with spaghetti straps and bare legs, I think it's time to go buy something more suitable.

Sorry, Dawn Marie is totally wrong. Night-type material with a metallic luster and jewelry, and so would be childish in a dress of the day searching.

PS If you are under 18 years and is less than knee-length dress and sandals with a pedicure Nice dress, you may be right down. Do not wear floor-length dress if the bride.

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