Friday, January 22, 2010

Viral Stds What Is The Main Difference Between The Treatment Of Viral STDs And The Treatment Of Bacterial STDs?

What is the main difference between the treatment of viral STDs and the treatment of bacterial STDs? - viral stds

It is true that not all viruses can not be cured. However, time is pressing and more important. If antivirals administered early, can prevent an infection. For HIV, which begin immediately to a group of anti-drug reverse transcriptase of HBV, which have an injection of anti-HBs, etc. Of course, if you are infected, it is too late because the bottom line in the world .


every woman said...

Probably, I think it is susceptible to treatment with oral antibiotics, and a .... with antibiotic lotions, gels and plans But I could be wrong!

♥ said...

Viral STDs such as herpes can not be controlled to be healed. Bacterial STDs can be treated with antibiotics.

AfterTho... said...

A viral STD that the symptoms of HIV can be treated. There is no cure. Bacterial STDs can be cured, so that they are treating the disease.

anonymou... said...

Viral STDs can be cured. Drugs can alleviate symptoms, but the virus remains in the body.

Bacterial sexually transmitted diseases with antibiotics, which help to kill bacteria are treated.

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