Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tokyo Av X Where Can I Buy Japanese AV DVD In Tokyo?

Where can I buy Japanese AV DVD in Tokyo? - tokyo av x

Please give me the details of address, if possible


Norsehaw... said...

Every video store generally has a small part disposal.

If you are in Akihabara, home to the largest selection. Sofmap is a business that I had visited when I was in Japan, the start that I remember Piso 1, Japanese music, Piso 2 foreign music, music Animated Floor 3, 4 Floor, video, 5th Floor, Adult anime videos Piso 6 properties, patterns and factors, such as video games, Floor 7 and 8 Floor, for all existing facilities.

If you go Akihabara, there are places like everywhere, most shops have a cellar, where they are adult themes and, be it manga, video games or anything.

Note that to be a traveler, each DVD that you buy only one region of Japan, or a free DVD player (with the exception of BluRay in the region played by blue light less concentrated by EE. UU. / Canada and Japan )

Jorienta... said...

are Calvin O.

Mahou said...

They are available everywhere, no joke. I found selling the machines in Ikebukuro ...

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